Crisis Plan Template 

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Current Clients and/or Newly Enrolling Clients:

Questions? Here is some Information about session tools and methods:

Services through are safer, more secure, and more private than all other online therapy sites we've reviewed, and clients have far more control over access and storage of their session content.  Ask us for more information about why we can say this with absolute confidence!

Using this collection of tools offers a higher level of encryption and client control, possibly the highest out there.  
The tools are separate and each is well suited to the task they handle, and they are primarily open source products.

If you bookmark this page you will have easy access all the tools and sites.  

Video sessions are done through site  click on the OTW logo above, have your current access code handy. The first time you visit for a session you will be prompted to download a program for it called VSEE, which you can do then or you can download it now ahead of time through  You will be given a unique access code for each session and you will need it to access the site.

For live text chat there are two options.  Our sister site at has a chat box feature, and Cryptodog is the other, preferred, option.  These are separate and in addition to our site live chat box, here on the main site.  The site and the Cryptodog site are for actual sessions.  The Zendesk chat box you see on this site is for initial contact and questions.  To use Cryptodog add the Chrome extension or click on the Cryptodog logo above to use their web page version. As an alternative you can be given a unique access code for each session just as in a video session, you will need it to access the site for the live chat option there.

For secure messaging, email format, we use a program called Monkkee.  I set up a encrypted online journal for you and we write back and forth in this program.  I invite you to check out this open source program at When you post and save a new message, return to this site and send an alert using the quick form above, in the envelope image, or you can email your counselor with "Monkkee" in the subject line.  When your counselor responds, they will send you an email with "Monkkee" in the subject line and nothing in the email body.

For phone sessions no apps or programs are needed we use everyday phone-to-phone which is the standard in medical settings, private and adequately secure, at session time your counselor will call you. However, if you desire an alternate phone system, we have it! We can use Zoom through our sister site,  

Prior to starting counseling these steps should be completed:

  • Use the form, above, on this page to register as a client and provide your contact information and an emergency contact person.

  • For most clients creating a Crisis Plan (template above on this page) is not required, but in some cases, it will be. If necessary, you will need to complete that during your first session and should start it prior to that if you think you will want or need one. There is a link to worldwide crisis resources on the home page of

  • Use an access code we will provide you to enter a secure session site in order to complete some forms before starting services.  These are viewed and electronically signed on the site.  

  • The forms you need to see and sign are: 

                   ❏ Practice Rules and Confidentiality
                   ❏ Privacy Policy
                   ❏ Informed Consent: Services and Telemedicine

  • HTTPS Everywhere, HMA Proxy, Click n' Clean, Ghostery, and LastPass are linked to above as optional tools for all your computer browsing and activity online, as a courtesy but these are not needed to keep your work here private, we have taken care of that for you.  These other tools allow you to be invisible on the web in important ways.  We are serious about privacy here!

  • Information on fees, billing, and payments is covered on the "Services" page of this website, but in summary you will receive an invoice by email and can submit payment using Paypal or a credit/debit card directly from that email.  Autobilling is required and you can enroll on this page, just above this section.

Contact OTW anytime using "Contact" page on this website or by email:  The office phone (Maine, USA) is at

(207) 200-6743 or voicemail, text, and calls. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to any message.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or concerns!  Don't worry, as complicated as it may seem, it will soon be easy and quick for you, and the reward for using these various tools is true privacy and control.  Therapy is meant to be conducted in a private "container" where you are safe to say what you want or need to, for your eyes, and your counselor's eyes, only.

We never, ever sell or share your data to third parties, except in the context of concerns about severe, imminent risk.  Never.



Current Clients: Registration

(current clients only; to inquire about services

please go to the CONTACT page on this site)

Relaxation Exercises

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and you know it, let'S show it!

Offer a TESTIMONIAL here:

 Cryptodog can be added as a Chrome extension (above)

or you can click on the Cryptodog logo for a URL version. 


(current clients only)

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